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VBA Open Meeting Minutes 4.11.24

In Attendance:

Aubrey McCutcheon

Laura Ciuca

Karen Cramer

Nikol Reed

Rae Ann Brunner

Lisa Dormire

Joni Bertelle

Mark Reed

Carla Geltz


Gathering on Grant:

  • Vandergrift Borough will put recycling bins outside Allusion.
  • Dumpster for garbage will be staged in parking lot by the alley in the middle of Grant Avenue.
  • One week notice needed for residents and businesses to refrain from parking on street for the day of event.
  • Flyers will be placed on cars parked in designated spots day of event.
  • Proof of vendor insurance needs to be available for submission to Counsil when inquired.
  • More vendors have signed up, including VBA Member, Joni (Tiny Causes), who has also volunteered for event.


GoG/Oktoberfest Committee Meeting this Sunday, April 14th, 2024 at 1pm at Allusion.


VBA CAN  event is on April 17th at iannis @ 6:30pm.


VBA Educational Series is on April 28, 2024 about Business Law, LLC’s, etc.


Meeting Adjourned.