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In Attendance:

  • Robert Buchanan
  • Karen Cramer
  • Aubrey McCutcheon
  • Laura Cuica
  • Rae Ann Bruner
  • Roger Laib
  • Rebecca Borland
  • Steve Yakopek
  • Cheryl Yakopek

Laura’s sponsorship t-shirts are doing well. In need of food truck vendors. Everything needs in by the end of the month. 12 spots. T-shirt sponsor $100. $30 to purchase a patrons shirt. Deadline is last weekend of August.

Oktoberfest yard signs are ready to be placed further out. Oktoberfest event was created on Facebook today. Rae Ann is going to boost it on Facebook. Bands are excited. Dancers are also excited. ATI considering sponsoring the tents. Next Oktoberfest committee meeting is this Sunday at 5pm. Looking to recruit many volunteers. Volunteers will get a shirt and a food voucher. Volunteer coordinator will be Rebecca.

Onsite fundraiser. Cooler of booze raffle. – Rebecca. Fill it with full size bottles of booze. Charge $10 a ticket of $20 for 3 tickets. Possible fundraiser during the months of the year we are not doing events? Fundraiser for the VBA at Witching Hours. Idea for fundraiser name “Cooler of BOOOOOze.”

Gathering on Grant – Luau – Moana is coming for free pictures with the kids from 5pm to 7pm. Cockatoo, name Elvis, is going to be in the building for sale and he is ready for pictures. Tiki toss game. Tiki mask craft. DJ. Food trucks.

September Gathering on Grant is Western themed. There will be free pony rides for the kids. 85lb limit.

Would like at least 4 free activities for the kids to be able to do with their families, to make memories.

Port-a-potty will be available again for this Gathering.

No Educational Series this month.

New Business

Possible survey to be released to business VBA members over the winter months to see what members would like to see at the educational series.

Possible Holiday mixer? Friday evening after hours. December 8th or 15th. 8th is favorable. 21 and over member plus one guest.